The TWSIA (Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award) has been part of the Sakai/Apereo community since 2008 when it first called for submissions in innovation in teaching and learning using Sakai. Over the years it has expanded to include other systems such as OAE and more recently Karuta. TWSIA has a global reputation and has selected winners from disciplines as diverse as healthcare, computer science, liberal arts, education, fashion, and more.

The awards committee is excited to announce that we are expanding even further in 2016. After much deliberation we would like to present the new name “ATLAS” (Apereo Teaching and Learning AwardS) to the Apereo Community. We are hoping with this re-envisaging that we will reach a much broader audience in the Apereo community, and welcome applications that demonstrate innovations in teaching and learning using not only Sakai, OAE, and Karuta, but also Xerte and Opencast.

To learn more about the new ATLAS awards, please visit our community of interest page on the Apereo website.

TWSIA (2008-2015)

The intent of the Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award (TWSIA) was to recognize excellence in teaching and learning. Since the first call for submissions in 2008, educators from institutions around the world have submitted their entries in the annual competition. We look forward to entries from those using the Sakai Project and the Apereo OAE.

Award Goals

The major goals of the award are:

  • To promote excellent pedagogy and innovation in teaching and learning
  • To create a community of educators who want to share teaching and learning practices
  • To encourage greater faculty involvement in the Sakai Project and Apereo OAE communities
  • Award entries are evaluated against rubrics and the definition of innovation. Each applicant will submit a description of their innovative teaching method, practice or strategy and indicate the ways in which it addresses the award rubric.

Innovation Defined

The TWSIA committee defines an innovative course or educational experience as one that, by design, engages and challenges students, resulting in greater student interest, a deeper level of understanding and/or a lasting change in the students' perception of an issue or topic.

The innovative method, practice or strategy used may not be new in the world, but its implementation may be out of the ordinary in your field of practice or new to you. It is more than simply using new technologies; rather it is an approach to teaching and learning that results in a much-enhanced, even transformative, educational experience for students.

Entries are accepted in the following categories:

  • Higher Ed Face to Face
  • Higher Ed Online/Hybrid
  • Portfolio
  • Projects & Other Uses

2015 TWSIA Winners

2014 TWSIA Winners

We thank our sponsor Asahi Net for their support of the Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award.

2013 TWSIA Winners

2012 TWSIA Winners

2012 TWSIA Honorable Mention

In addition to our winners above, there were also several submissions that were of such quality that they deserve Honorable Mention status.

Susanna Horng, NYU, New York, New York, (Higher Education: Face-to-Face)
My Year with Atlas: Writing I and II

Maite Ferrer, Valencian Internacional University, Valencia, SPAIN (Higher Education: Fully Online)
Master in Music Performance & Research

John Gosney, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, Indiana (Portfolio)
American Supernatural Portfolios

Rosa M. Hervás, University of Murcia, Murcia, SPAIN (Other Project Site)
Masters Degree in Education and Museums